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Hair Styler G
Your hair changes randomly to one of the three default hair styles.

Premium Item
Sell Price at Black Trader: 270K-330K GoldGold

How to Obtain:
Bought from Premium-Shop2Premium Shop for 150 PlatinumPlatinum or from the Black-TraderBlack Trader.
Kooii Egg PackBeauty Hair Pack G

Changes your hair style to the new ones.

Possible Hair Styles: Possible Hair Styles:
Pigtails with an accesory (Female)
Pixie Cut (Female)
Straight, Spiky Hair (Male)
Slicked-Back Hair (Male)
Man Bun (Male)

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Your hair color will not be affected. In addition, the hair style change will be consistent with the gender of your character. If you're a male character, you will not be able to get pigtails, for example.
If you have a color of hair that another hair style doesn't have, like the special dark blue that the ponytail and straight hair for males have, you cannot get the color on the ruffled male hair.
Cannot be sold to Secret Vendors.