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1. New equipment is now available! Monsters will drop these equipments with a fixed chance. Crafting equipment is available via PaylonPaylon.

2. Sprouty Egg New Pet added! + Monsters will randomly drop Gift Boxes. (May 27th - Jun. 10th maintenance)

3. Griffon-TicketGriffon Ticket service has improved and will be available for sale (May 27th - Jun. 10th maintenance). FlanoFlano is available in new spots and there are also new spots you can visit with Griffon Tickets.

4. The price for Perr-BerryPerr Berry is now 500 PlatinumPlatinum.

5. You can keep making exchanges for Blessed Enchant Scrolls through Ice-ManElias, and Blessed Enchant Scroll Packages through Security ManagerLucius.

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