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Premium Shop Events:

1. Random Costume Box (K)
Random-Costume-Box-K Random Costume Box K will be on sale for 300 BTPlatinum Platinum

2. Hair Styler L
Hair-Styler Hair Styler L has been added.

3. Halloween Packages:
(Oct. 23rd - Nov. 6th)
2 New Halloween Packages will be available for sale:
- Mummy Costume Package
- Cute Devil Package
4. Package Modification: The Starter-Pack Starter Pack will no longer be available for sale and Premium Members will be sold as a single product.

Beginner Adventurer Package I: You can acquire Level Level-1 Exclusive Weapon + Kooii-Bag Kooii Bag (4) + Wild-boar-dollWild Boar Doll (10) + Phoenix-Heart Phoenix Heart (10) + Blessing of Buddy Blessing of Buddy (10).
The package components cannot be traded.

Beginner Adventurer Package II: You can acquire Level Level-10 Exclusive Weapon + Koocci Koocci + Griffon-Ticket Griffon Ticket (20) + Turtle's-Song Turtle's Song (20) + Devilang-Candy Devilang Candy (20) + Phoenix-Heart Phoenix Heart (20) + Wild-boar-dollWild Boar Doll (20) + Blessing of Buddy Blessing of Buddy (20).
The package components cannot be traded.

* Sharpness is a property that inflicts bonus damage on the monsters. (Inapplicable to PvP)

Guild Battle Season 3 has begun! (Jul. 10th to Jan. 8th, 2020)

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Crown Rock Boss Update


Boss Barslaf appears at Islot's Temple in the Crown Rock Dungeon!

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