Ice Man

Location: TWOMLanosWoody-Weedy Village / TWOMSirasWoody-Wordy Village

Faction: Neutral

Attackable by other Faction: No

Summer Ice Event quests: trade Ice-CubeIce Cubes to him for items.

Trade Ice-CubeIce Cube (5) for Ice-CreamIce Cream (3).
Trade Ice-CubeIce Cube (10) for Ice-CakeIce Cake (4).
Trade Ice-CubeIce Cube (15) for Ice-CandyIce Candy (3).
Trade Ice-CubeIce Cube (20) for Ice-BeerIce Beer (4).
Trade Ice-CubeIce Cube (100) for an Ice-BeltIce Belt(5HP).
Combine 2 Ice-BeltIce Belt(5HP) for an Ice-BeltIce Belt(7HP).
Combine 2 Ice-BeltIce Belt(7HP) for an Ice-BeltIce Belt(9HP).
Combine 2 Ice-BeltIce Belt(9HP) for an Ice-BeltIce Belt(11HP).
Combine 2 Ice-BeltIce Belt(11HP) for an Ice-BeltIce Belt(13HP).
Combine 2 Ice-BeltIce Belt(13HP) for an Ice-BeltIce Belt(15HP which is the maximum HP)
You need a total of Ice-CubeIce Cube (3200) to get the maximum HP Ice-BeltIce Belt.

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