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Shaman-TungaShaman Tunga's Quest

Rafril-RadinPirate Ship Quest

Sara's Quests:Edit

Bring AmySara Small-CoralSmall Coral (10) to get Red-CoralRed Coral (1), Coral-NecklaceCoral Necklace (1), or Coral-RingCoral Ring (1).

Bring AmySara Red-CoralRed Coral (5) to get Small-CoralRefined Coral (1).

Bring AmySara Small-CoralRefined Coral (5) to get Coral-DustCoral Dust (1) or ScrollArmor Enchant Scroll (C Class).


Red-CoralRed Coral

Coral-NecklaceCoral Necklace

Coral-RingCoral Ring

Small-CoralRefined Coral

Coral-DustCoral Dust

ScrollArmor Enchant Scroll (C Class)

Poscar's QuestsEdit

Bring PoscarPoscar Coral-NecklaceCoral Necklace (1), Coral-DustCoral Dust (1), and GoldGold (1000) to get Coral-NecklaceIntensified Coral Necklace.

Bring PoscarPoscar Coral-RingCoral Ring (1), Coral-DustCoral Dust (1), and GoldGold (1000) to get Coral-RingIntensified Coral Ring.

Bring PoscarPoscar Wizard-hatStrange Hat (1), Coral-DustCoral Dust (3), and GoldGold (1000) to get Wizard-hatMagician Hat.

Bring PoscarPoscar Old-FeatherOld Feather (50) Coral-DustCoral Dust (3) and GoldGold (1000) to get Hair-FeatherHair Feather.


Coral-NecklaceIntensified Coral Necklace

Coral-RingIntensified Coral Ring

Wizard-hatMagician Hat

Hair-FeatherHair Feather

Shookshook's QuestEdit

Bring ShookshookShookshook CrownCrown (1) to receive Leather-ShoesShoes (ShukShuk).


Leather-ShoesShoes (ShukShuk)

Rafril/Ratas' QuestsEdit

Bring Rafril-RadinRafril/Ratas Pirate-Coin-NewPirate Coin (10) to receive GoldGold (800) and 300EXP OR GoldGold (1000) and 300EXP.

Bring Rafril-RadinRafril/Ratas Ancient CoinAncient Coin (3) to receive GoldGold (1000) and 1050EXP.


GoldGold (800) and 300EXP OR GoldGold (1000) and 300EXP

GoldGold (1000) and 1050EXP

Radin's QuestsEdit

Bring Rafril-RadinRadin Woopa-Roopa-ScaleWoopa-Roopa Scale (50) to get a Woopa-Scale-HelmetWoopa Scale Helmet.

Bring Rafril-RadinRadin Woopa-Roopa-ScaleWoopa-Roopa Scale (80) to get Woopa-ArmorWoopa Scale Armor.

Bring Rafril-RadinRadin Woopa-Roopa-ScaleWoopa-Roopa Scale (100) to get a pair of Old-Leather-ShoesBoots of Speed (3% or 5%).

Bring Rafril-RadinRadin Intensified-Woopa-ScaleIntensified Woopa Scale (50) and Fantastic-PowderFantastic Powder (3) to get an Woopa-HelmIntensified Woopa Helmet.

Bring Rafril-RadinRadin Intensified-Woopa-ScaleIntensified Woopa Scale (80) and Fantastic-PowderFantastic Powder (5) to get Woopa-ArmorSturdy Woopa Armor.

Bring Rafril-RadinRadin Hard-ScaleHard Scale (100) to get a pair of Old-Leather-ShoesBoots of Speed. (3% or 5%)


Old-Leather-ShoesBoots of Speed

Woopa-ArmorSturdy Woopa Armor

Woopa-HelmIntensified Woopa Helmet

Woopa-ArmorWoopa Scale Armor

Woopa-Scale-HelmetWoopa Scale Helmet