Pet crys

Pet Crystal drop from Suuuk.


Pet Crystal
A magical crystal whose power can be absorbed by pets.

BTEtc.Item Etc. Items
Sell Price at Black Trader: 1K-6K GoldGold

How to Obtain:
Obtained by opening Kooii EggPet Egg (10)
Dropped by Bosses (2) or Mini-Bosses (1)
Not 100% drop rate.

Use Combine-BookCombine Book I to craft the following items with the following materials:
GoldGold (30,000) + ThirdCore3rd Core (3) + DarkPiecePet Crystal (1) + Red-CoralRed Coral (5) + Spider-SilkSpider Silk (20) = Stone-LifeStone of Life
GoldGold (30,000) + ThirdCore3rd Core (3) + DarkPiecePet Crystal (1) + Piece-of-BonePiece of Bone (5) + Iron-OreIron Ore (20) = StoneOfDeathStone of Death
GoldGold (10,000) + GemstoneGemstone (3) + DarkPiecePet Crystal (1) = StoneofMysteryStone of Mystery

During a past event that introduced this item, DarkPiecePet Crystals were dropped by ALL monsters. Now, bosses drop two at once while mini-bosses drop one.

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