In this quest you are going to need some patience because collecting the map pieces may take some time.

Where to StartEdit

Start by going to WoopaWingfril Island Beach and breaking BottleBottles, which can be found all alongside the coast. Inside you will either find nothing or a map piece. There are 3 pieces:

Piece-of-Old-Cloth-APiece of Old Cloth A is found only on WoopaWingfril Island Beach
Piece-of-Old-Cloth-BPiece of Old Cloth B is found on both
Piece-of-Old-Cloth-CPiece of Old Cloth C is found only on the RoopaIsland with the Lighthouse

At Level 11 or greater:

The Old Cloth Map may be discarded once the key is purchased.

Getting There
When you get to the respective coordinates 492,1308 (Right under Siras Spawn) you can walk over the water (as shown in the video to the side) and follow a maze like path. Once you get to the end you must touch under BroomPirate Ship entrance and it will ask if you want to use the Skeleton-KeyRusty Key (it does not disappear after use). Use it and you will be inside the BroomPirate Ship. (Do not throw out key or else you will have to buy again.)

Pirate ShipEdit

The Pirate Ship is divided into several different sections:

Pirate Ship 1F Edit

Hallway Edit

  • The Hallway Door is located at (2050, 1010).
  • You need Skeleton-KeyHallway Key to enter. It is dropped by SweeperSweeper.

Captain's Cabin Edit

Pirate Ship 2F Edit

Warehouse Edit

Storage Room Edit


  • Do not start this quest before you are ready because you must keep the Skeleton-KeyRusty Key in your inventory.
  • Many high levels farm this boss due to its short spawning intervals. Plan your visits accordingly.
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