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Lanos Trademark Color: Blue

Saruel: The Kingdom of Lanos, under the rule of King Roberto, seemed docile in the surface but there were many rebellion factions organizing in the streets below. Earl Christin, sensed that a full revolt was on its way and knew that measures must be taken. With heroic success of Earl Christin and Crimson Saver, the captain of the mercenaries, King Roberto established the Intelligence Agency called Saruel and appointed Earl Christin as the head of the organization.

TWOM Mercenary

A Mercenary of Lanos

Kingdom of Lanos, King Roberto, who once lost his Kingdom to the Empire, united his friend Earl Christin, of the Information Association, and Captain Crymsom, Saver of the mercenaries, to fight against the Empire's schemes for reunification.

Fame-Icon Now, The Kingdom of Lanos constantly duels with The Empire of Siras on RoopaWingfril Island and Battlefield to determine who will be victorious.


King Roberto? Or a Mercenary?