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Iron-Sword Warrior

Description: A melee class that uses swords and shields. Deals high melee damage and can take damage in return.

Starting Stats:

Points to distribute - 6

Strength - 12

Intelligence - 9

Dexterity - 11

Constitution - 14

Wisdom - 9

Recommended Stat Distribution:

Survival Warrior - 18 Constitution, 14 Strength

Damage Warrior - 18 Strength, 14 Constitution

Balanced Warrior - 16 Strength, 16 Constitution


  • Good lurers
  • High amount of HP
  • Can hit multiple targets with the skill Warrior-skillbookSweeping Strikes
  • Capable of taking lots of damage due to high armor and HP (health points)
  • Good attack skills
  • Has the largest variety of armor: gloves, shields, and boots
  • Has a large variety of skills, some of them being short use buffing skills, which can be extremely effective in PvP (for example, Warrior-skillbookLast Resistance will enable a warrior to resist 90% damage for a short time, which can help a warrior survive in extreme conditions and Warrior-skillbookRage which enables a warrior to critical at fixed % rates for a certain time)
  • Some skills use cooldown (such as Warrior-skillbookWild Swing), meaning a warrior isn't crystal point dependent
  • Doesn't use mana, so you can constantly attack.
  • Only class that can use shields.


  • Must be close to attack
  • Spends more money on equipment then the others, most costly of all classes